Sunday, December 16, 2007


I call this healthy soup recipe Rainy-Day-Kitchen-Sink-Soup because it has bright colors (and flavors)in it to perk you up on a rainy day (reds, oranges, greens) and because it contains 'everything but the kitchen sink', so to speak. Basically, take what you have in your fridge and you put it all together in a soup.

Here is what I had today:

2 T. Virgin Coconut Oil
4 organic shallots, chopped
1 organic 3" piece of ginger, peeled
2 sweet peppers, one red, one green, seeds removed, chopped
2 Portobella mushrooms, chopped
1# of organic long green beans
4 organic carrots, chopped
2 organic potatoes, chopped (peel still on)
Celtic Sea Salt
1 14 oz. tin of organic Coconut Milk

Saute together the shallots, ginger, sweet peppers, and mushroom in the Virgin Coconut Oil.
Add the beans, carrots, potatoes and add about 4 C. of water (to cover) and the Celtic Sea Salt (to taste).

Simmer until well-cooked (about 20-30 minutes).

Add the Coconut Milk to the Vita-Mix. Add in half of the soup-- remember to add in the ginger--. Position the lid securely. Beginning on the lowest Variable setting, move the button gradually to the highest Variable setting and flip over into High until the mixture is smooth and creamy throughout. Add it back to the other soup and combine.

At time of eating, add a light sprinkle of cayenne.
Go to my Diffusing Life site to find the above oils and other Young Living products! ~Cynthia Zirkwitz, YLEO #607652


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