Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spicy Foodie Review

There are legions of wonderful 'foodie' sites out there in Blogland and it would
be total blind tomfoolery (did I mention stupid?) to ignore that resource! Today
I'm going to review and recommend one of my community sites, and I hope that
this becomes a fairly regular occurrence (after all, one does not live on whirled** soup recipes alone, right?)

Lisa describes herself as vegetarian, but I see from the ample use of butter and eggs and cheese, that she would be more accurately classified as "ovo-lacto" vegetarian. I fall into that range myself, currently (sometimes I like to play at being total vegan, and even "raw vegan", but not today). She also states that her area of recipe preference is "spicy Indian". The November recipes don't really focus on Indian (from what I can see in a quick scroll through the neighborhood) but that's okay-- I'm already salivating like Pavlov's dog at all of her lovely photographs of food she has prepared and the Indian yummies might just push me over the edge into an all-out binge (it is my birthday today, after all lol).

Lisa writes very lovingly about food she prepares, and gives useful details about the ingredients (for example, that when you spend a little extra time to bake a pumpkin pie with 'real' pumpkin, vs. canned pumpkin, you get a superior product AND you get to roast the nutritious pumpkin seeds as well).

Lisa is a Canadian (from London, Ontario) and that really schmecks with me! She has 16 years of serving up culinary treats from her kitchen, and I wouldn't mind dropping in on her (don't worry, Lisa, I live way at the other side of the country on Vancouver Island). Check out her Food And Spice Blog site!
**The lovely photo above is of Lisa's Quinoa-Oat Croquettes with Mushrooms on top. I love that she cooks with quinoa-- one of this foodie's fave legumes (bet you thought it was a grain, lol)!
This blog is called "Whirled" soup partly as a pun  reference to many of the recipes being "World" soup recipes, but mostly because MOST of the recipes are whirled up in the magnificent VitaMix 10-Appliances-in-1 in my kitchen.... Click here to learn more about the TOTAL NUTRITION CENTER (Canadian/International) and the Vita-Mix Super 5200 (American)
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Lisa Turner said...

Thank you so much Cynthia for taking the time to explore my blog and write such a lovely review. If you are ever in the area, you are invited to dinner at Lisa's Kitchen.

Happy Birthday!