Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sauerkraut-Bean Soup (Vegan)

You might think I like sauerkraut? I do, actually, but the reason there is another sauerkraut soup recipe so close on the heels of another one (see the Armenian Sauerkraut Soup in the November 15th post) is that my husband found a sale and brought home quite a few jars of Eden Organic Sauerkraut... traditionally made with no added vinegar to sour it up.

I am very cognizant of the delicacy of the enzymes in the sauerkraut, and am reluctant to cook the heck out of it as a result. I am so happy for the Vita-Mix that allows me to add the sauerkraut at the end and to "cook" without undue heat(through the friction of its motor-driven rotor at 240 mph).


2 T. Virgin Coconut Oil
1 large Onion, chopped
3 ribs of Celery, chopped
4 large Carrots, chopped
2 C. cooked Beans (your choice)
2 C. Tomato Spaghetti Sauce or Stewed Tomatoes
8 C. Vegetable Broth or Water
2 C. Sauerkraut
3 tsp. Fresh Thyme herb, or to taste

**In a large soup pot, heat the Virgin Coconut Oil and saute the Onion and Celery until golden
**Add the Carrots, Beans, Tomato Sauce, and Vegetable Broth, and simmer for as long as it takes for the carrots to be soft.
**Take 1/2 of the soup and put in the Vita-Mix Cannister with 1/2 of the Sauerkraut.
**Add the Thyme 
**Securely position the 2-piece lid on the Vita-Mix and process, first at the lowest Variable speed, and progressing to the highest Variable Speed. When smooth throughout, add it back into the other soup. Also add the remaining Sauerkraut and stir to combine.
**Heavy Rye bread goes well with this soup.

and always wear Genuine German Lederhausen!


This blog is called "Whirled" soup partly as a pun  reference to many of the recipes being "World" soup recipes, but mostly because MOST of the recipes are whirled up in the magnificent VitaMix 10-Appliances-in-1 in my kitchen.... Click here to learn more about the TOTAL NUTRITION CENTER (Canadian/International) and the Vita-Mix Super 5200 (American)
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**The sauerkraut crock picture is from the Kitchen Gardeners site where you can also find a instructions on how to make your own 'raw' sauerkraut.

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