Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Whirled Alphabet Soup

Greetings Whirlers!

I've spent the past month with our son and family helping their two-year old (Alyza) to adjust to her new sister (Angelika) who was born on October 7th. I'm just now back to this soup blog (if you are interested, you can read all about the Grandmother experience in my GrannyXpress blog here.)

I'm very excited. I had a brain whirl-windfall experience the other day-- I am going to offer recipes for'whirled soups' from a selection of world countries, beginning with countries/regions/ethnicities that begin with the letter "A" and moving through the alphabet. I hope to offer 3 new recipes a week, as well as different recipes in the Whirled Soup newsletter (sign up free in the margin at the left of the blog).

If you come from any of the countries (if that is your heritage) that I blog about, please feel free to comment-- let us all know what your favourite heritage food is! Most especially, is there a soup recipe that we can feature in this blog that is particularly dear to your heart because of its having been passed along in your family?

So, here we go-- around the "Whirled World" in this Whirled Soup Blog!

**The use of the word "whirled" is meant to indicate a soup that is fully to partially made up using a Vita-Mix. To learn more about this amazing Whole Food Machine (10-Appliances-in-One), click here.
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