Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whirled Veggie Soup

Here is the recipe for this simple and satisfying soup:

4 C. hot (can be boiling) water
1 Ripe Tomato
1 Carrot cut in about 6 pieces
1 Rib of Celery
1 handful of fresh Parsley
1/2 Onion
Celtic Sea Salt (to your taste)
Other fresh herbs or seasonings as you enjoy (I used Mrs. Dash Italian)

Put ingredients into Vita-Mix® cannister as they are listed above.
Put your double top securely on. Start at Variable/Lowest setting and turn to "10" Variable setting and then flip on to HIGH in one full swoop. You may want to rest your other hand lightly on the lid since you are using hot water. Run for about 3 minutes. You may want to stop machine and use the plunger if there are air pockets or if items are not feeding into the blades. Makes 4 Cups of fragrant, delicious, nutritious soup (no cholesterol, no visible fats)

This soup is full of enzymes that will help you with absorption of minerals and other nutrients in the soup. Any left-over soup makes a great starter stock for the next batch of soup or stew you make!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pruning back the Tomatoes

This morning I had high hopes of doing a great deal of gardening, of making up for the past week when we were at Camp. I set a goal to prune the tomatoes that live in the front of our garage in containers.

It was a cool and pleasant morning. However, by 9:30 it had heated up and the tomatoes were sufficiently denuded so that I could retire to the cool interior of our cave.

Tomorrow I shall water both the front and the back yards.

Gardening is a comfort. Watching stuff grow, tending it, pulling weeds, harvesting the fruits of your labours... these are all simple comforts.

This blog is called "Whirled" soup partly as a pun  reference to many of the recipes being "World" soup recipes, but mostly because MOST of the recipes are whirled up in the magnificent old VitaMix 10-Appliances-in-1 in my kitchen....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quick Comforts...

Whew-- I thought I was being clever and trendy by choosing the Hindi transcription alternative, but it turns out that the Hindi script is posted right over what one is typing in English...oo la la (or the Hindi equivalent). So, here I am back with dear old dull English blogger script.

Even though I am retired and have blessings pouring out of my ying-yang, there are times when I need a speedy release from whatever is preying on my poor old weakened mind. Here are a few of the comforts in my life:
(1)Prayer... particularly with my life partner-husband... we usually take an early morning walk with our little dog and we pray. We pray for others and we also pray for each other. This is a GREAT comfort.
(2)Food..... I'd be dishonest if I didn't admit that food is a big BIG part of my life. As a young person I enjoyed eating, but mostly because of the need to fuel up or to be part of a social exchange. Now I just like to eat, to anticipate eating, to blog about eating, and to plan what to eat next. It is rare that food is not prominent on the gallery walls of my consciousness. My favorite current comfort food is a multi-textured/taste granola bar called "Sweet and Salty" (I like Almond). People who follow my raves about the health benefits of the "Green Smoothie" will no doubt be shocked to read this disclosure. It's okay. I really DO love the Green Smoothies too. There seems to be room for both.
(3)Sleep.....If I have a headache or feel depressed, sleep is a restorative.
(4)Love.... expressed in its many forms is a comfort.
(5)Knowing that my loved ones are safe and well...a phone call, an email, and preferably, a visit, is all I need to sail smoothly through the other concerns in my life.
(6)Peace and Quiet...I'm an introvert so being by myself is much more comfortable than being with groups for any length of time. I need huge daily hunks of alone-time. To others this probably looks extremely selfish; people who know me well understand that without time apart I am not worth being around.

These are a few of the ways that I derive rapid restoration back to equilibrium.

Excuse me now, please, while I go have a nap (hahaha).

This blog is called "Whirled" soup partly as a pun  reference to many of the recipes being "World" soup recipes, but mostly because MOST of the recipes are whirled up in the magnificent VitaMix 10-Appliances-in-1 in my kitchen.... my parents left this to me and it must be close to 30 years old now and still going strong, although I have had to replace the container a couple of times.