Friday, September 3, 2010

Love Soup-- 2 Minute Video Recipe...Yum!

The video below demonstrates, in just 2 minutes, one of the yummiest comfort foods you will find anywhere on a cool Fall evening... it's the basic food.  Take anything you have in the garden (in this case: squash, turnips, other root vegetables), bake some in the oven, simmer some on the stove, combine, blend up and eat!  Watch how it's done... can you almost smell the rich aroma of Grandma's kitchen?

Anna Thomas has written a pile of cookbooks, probably the most familiar one being The New Vegetarian Epicure  The new re-issue of Love Soup will be a big hit with young folks away from home in their very first little apartment (or sharing a kitchen with roomies).  I think it's a fun book, encouraging friends to gather round the soup pot, or maybe the fondue pot (remember those?) on a nippy autumn evening.  Everybody likes soup, right?

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